My heart is aching and I don’t know why. I never needed love but now I’ve never felt so alone. I’ll put it in the back of my mind, but its you that brings it right back. Bittersweet the thought of love and how I’m capable again, but how i won’t receive it in return.

From the moment I saw you, I knew I couldn’t keep you. I have never wanted to crawl into a person and grow as much as I do with you. I won’t allow it again. I’m reaching for the stars again, I’ll never learn. So you’ll remain a dream. A fog, a reminder that I have to be better. I’ll deserve the stars one day.

I think I found something and it runs from me...or I push it away. I long for love. Not like I ever have. I never wanted to look for love, but I find myself wanting it more and more. It's not good for me...It's my heroine. I shouldn't do it, but I love the way it feels. I went on a date. He didn't try to sleep with me. He was a gentleman..it was refreshing. I want to keep him, but I can't..I'm not good enough.